October 11, 2010

A girl, her bike and lake michigan

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend in the city! I think we even broke a few records with our highs of 80+ on both days. I was loving it! I'm such a Summer girl and am always sad to see it leave. Knowing these are the last warm days we'll get for a long while, I took full advantage. I hit the lakeshore path for a nice bike ride.

Dusk sets in...


  1. Great pics Beege! Did you use your camera or your phone? I love the views of the city from the bike trail!

  2. Great pics. Love Chi town....I have a brother in Wanetka and downtown Chicago is such a blast! Karen

  3. beautiful pictures, my dear! (ps GO GREEN!)

  4. Awesome pics! See I am the total opposite, I want these 85 degree days GONE! This girl needs her hoodie sweatshirts baaaad.

  5. Great photographs so very different to our little lake, what a good idea to go for a cycle ride along the shores. I must get my bike out :)


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