June 29, 2010

Steal of the week: Vintage Prints

After a little blog hiatus, I'm back with a lovely "steal" for this week! This is almost like two steals in one, first the vintage posters and second, the designer discount site that I bought them on, ideeli.

One of my friends introduced me to ideeli awhile back. It's one of those sites that offers different designer clothing and home goods sales every day. Click on this link if you feel the urge to join and grab these prints! This is a referral link from my account... ideeli.com/invite/alittleditty. I've made a few purchases from the site that worked out really well. Scored some super good deals on Kenneth Cole winter jackets and more recently, as in a few hours ago, these vintage prints! I am so excited about them, I had to share. 

The featured company is called artehouse, they are listed under the "home" tab on the site. According to ideeli they've established one of the largest and most impressive collections of vintage prints in the world. In this sale, the prints have all been mounted on birch wood. Easy to hang, but perfect for just propping up too. I really like the look the wood mount gives to these. Now for the "steal" portion, these are marked more than half off, the small size starts at just $18!!

I loved all of them, but of course couldn't resist the Italian theme prints. You know my Italy thing runs deep. 

For la mia cucina...

I have a ton of built-in shelving in my place, I think these are a perfect size (7.5'' x 12) to display in some of my shelves. I'll have to post pictures when I have these little pretties in my possession! 

A few others I admired...

I think this rustic wood number would be perfect in that Lake Michigan cottage sister and I are always dreaming of...

June 16, 2010

Words for Wednesday

If I was lucky enough to have you reading my blog during basketball season, you will know that I bleed green. And now you should also know how worried I was about Izzo leaving us to take a high paying NBA job. I pretty much shed a few tears of joy when he announced yesterday he'd be with us...for life! There was no choice but to devote this week's Words for Wednesday to Izzo. Great day to be a Spartan. See ya'll on the baskteball court :)

June 15, 2010

Blooms: yellow freesia

I love the way yellow flowers brighten up my living room.

Something I like to do when I have a nice bouquet of flowers is to pull a few small sprigs and put them in a bud vase in my bathroom or bedroom. My Mom always used to do this, I'd come home and find a fresh lilac or clipped rose in my bathroom. It's so nice to have something fresh in the bathroom and it makes your flower purchase go even further.

Not the clearest picture, but here's how I brighten my bathroom...

June 10, 2010

Steal of the week: Jimmy John's

This is more like a "steal of the day" -- For all Chicagoland Jimmy John's today is customer appreciation day which means, $1 subs from 11am - 3pm! I have one right across the street from my work, I'll definitely be hitting them up for lunch! Planning to do a late lunch, since I am guessing it will be packed in there. Let me know if you're able to cash in on the deal too!

June 9, 2010

Words for Wednesday

Looong day at work. On the bright side, it's not 1920 and I'll be headed home for a glass of wine...

June 4, 2010

Sunday brunch @ angelina

Just in time for the weekend -- I've got a must try brunch (and dinner) place to share. When I used to a live a little further north on Pine Grove, I discovered an awesome Italian restaurant, Angelina.

It's since become one of my go to places for bringing family (Sister and Pops are both big fans) for dinner. The food is unbeatable and will leave you happily full. It's a cozy spot that would be great for a date too. And, because who doesn't love a good deal? They offer a prix fixe meal on Tuesday nights and 25% off your bill on Wednesday for neighborhood (Lakeview) residents. Love it. Oh and the prix fixe deal? Tried that once with my Pops, so good, but you need to come hungry. Something that is unfortunately, never a problem for me. $27 each and you get to pick any 3 courses off the menu. Appetizer, main and dessert, no small portions or limited menu baloney.

*picture from angelinaristorante.com

Alright, now you know the dinner is delicious. But the best part? Brunch! On Saturday and Sundays Angelina offers a $20 unlimited champagne brunch. Get the bellini, yum! Or excuse me, should I say get many bellinis (hello, unlimited) and clear your schedule for the rest of the day. You are going to want to sip and eat and sip some more... And its not just the drinks that are worthwhile, they deliver on the food too. The Tuscany Frittata will not let you down.

Pictures from a brunch venture with the girls on that 90 degree Sunday a few weeks ago...

3561 North Broadway
Chicago 60657

June 3, 2010

blooms: garden fresh peony

I was home this past weekend in lovely Michigan. I always stay with my sister when I'm home because before I moved to Chicago I lived with her right out of college so my old room is now her guest room! I feel right at home :) When I got in from the drive on Friday afternoon she had this waiting for me in my room.

SO gorgeous! Her Peonies are in full bloom outside. I so want to plant peonies in my yard in the city. Sigh. Maybe in the fall. But for the time being I can enjoy these photos I snapped!

June 2, 2010

coming soon . . . Michaels!

Awhile back the Linens and Things near my place closed when they all went out of business. I have been waiting and waiting to see what they were going to put in to take it's place -- was probably a little too excited to learn it's a Michaels! It's not that I even love, love Michaels, but to have one right in walking distance from me?! This is great!

Real pretty picture I took, huh?

It's in the shopping center on Clark and Halsted. The one with DSW and Marshall's. I'm happy to think that when I need things for a project, picture frames, cheap gift wrapping supplies or silk flowers (haha, JK on the silk flowers note) I can head over to Michaels! Literally a minute walk from my place.

I mean come on, they sell the Martha Stewart crafts! Not to mention that baking section they have if you're in a pinch and need sprinkles or a muffin pan or something.

Not sure when it opens, but I'll keep you updated!

Words for Wednesday

Chicago love.

Picture taken by sister from down by the Chicago river.


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