June 2, 2010

coming soon . . . Michaels!

Awhile back the Linens and Things near my place closed when they all went out of business. I have been waiting and waiting to see what they were going to put in to take it's place -- was probably a little too excited to learn it's a Michaels! It's not that I even love, love Michaels, but to have one right in walking distance from me?! This is great!

Real pretty picture I took, huh?

It's in the shopping center on Clark and Halsted. The one with DSW and Marshall's. I'm happy to think that when I need things for a project, picture frames, cheap gift wrapping supplies or silk flowers (haha, JK on the silk flowers note) I can head over to Michaels! Literally a minute walk from my place.

I mean come on, they sell the Martha Stewart crafts! Not to mention that baking section they have if you're in a pinch and need sprinkles or a muffin pan or something.

Not sure when it opens, but I'll keep you updated!


  1. How funny is the fact that I walked by here on Saturday and got SUPER excited when I saw that it said that Michael's was coming soon?! We must live super close to each other :)

  2. How crazy is it that you are the sister who ends up with a Michael's within walking distance??!!

  3. OMG KRISTEN. this news? just made my day!!! i am ecstatic. no longer will i have to wait until i'm home in michigan to go to a michael's or spend over an hour on public transportation to get to one here, lol. this is big time news in diane's little world :)

  4. Oh that's cool, we got a Hobby Lobby last year, and I have to say, I was pretty psyched! Though it hasn't been the best thing for my wallet! XO!

  5. I am obsessed with Michael's and DIY projects right now. I will be posting some of my favorite projects real soon. xo Mish



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