November 30, 2011

Words for Wednesday

Created by A Little Ditty

Love this quote. I think this is from the early days of Grey's because I remember it from college. I'm quite certain I had this in my AOL profile for a while... Do you guys remember that?? AOL instant messenger was all the rage back then :) I used to spend so much crafting the perfect "away message". Lol. Then Facebook took over...

This quote also reminds me of moving to Chicago. I didn't know a single person here when I moved! One girl from an advertising class in college was all I knew of, (funny enough we became good friends) but I still took the plunge and moved out here for a job anyway. Probably one of the biggest "chances" I've taken, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions too!

November 23, 2011

Words for Wednesday


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and plenty to be thankful for!

November 22, 2011

The Weekender

Happy Tuesday! This 2 and a half day work week is doing wonders for my mood. I'm way more chipper than usual today :)  Half day tomorrow and then I'm on the road to Michigan! Can't wait for a relaxing weekend away from the city and work. My sister was here this past weekend and we had so much fun together! It started off Thursday with the Mat Kearney concert at House of Blues. It was pretty cool, we had floor tickets and we were only one row back from the stage. Before the concert we had apps and drinks at Rockit -- one of my favorite places. Their food is so delicious.

Blurry pics, but you get the idea. I've mentioned Mat Kearney on here before, I love his music. If you need some new stuff to listen to, check him out. His whole new album is awesome, here are a few of my favs and one from his last album:

Hey Mama, from the "Young Love" album
Undeniable, from the "Nothing Left to Lose" album
Young Dumb and In Love, from the "Young Love" album

Speaking of music, do you guys use Spotify? I am obsessed. I was never a huge Pandora lover and what I like about Spotify is you pick the music. If you want to play "We found Love" by Rihanna, that's exactly what it plays. I always found that so annoying on Pandora, it never plays the exact song you want! It is set-up just like iTunes and I haven't found a song they don't have yet. You can add entire albums to your music or just make up your own playlists.

And it's free! You do have to listen to some ads, but it's still pretty great. Just don't sync to Facebook or it will randomly post whatever songs you are listening to on FB. Nobody needs to announce on FB that I've found the Stevie Wonder album and can't stop listening to some of the songs... Here's what it looks like on my computer:

Back to food, a favorite topic! Tried a couple of great new places this past weekend, I'm going to be blogging about them soon. Mexican and Italian, what other kind of food does one need?!

November 2, 2011

Words for Wednesday

Is it just me or is Pinterest a constant source of inspiration and motivation? It seems a little counterproductive to spend time surfing Pinterest to get workout motivation, but somehow it works! I added this to my "Work it Out" board. I've been on the working out bender for over 3 months now and am definitely seeing some changes and improvements -- and some lbs are gone too :)

Best of all, at this point I think working out 3-4 times a week has become a habit. Here's hoping I can keep up with it during the dark, cold winter when I really want to go into hibernation!!

November 1, 2011

Chicago Sidewalk Planters: Fall 2011

Hard to believe we're well into Fall again, where did Summer go? Sometimes I don't exactly welcome Fall with open arms like everyone else -- it's too hard for me to let go of Summer! But I do love to check out the Fall colors and what people are putting in their Fall planters outside. I've gathered up a few of my favorites from around the city. There are lots of great ideas in the 2010 edition of Fall planters too!

This planter had eucalyptus in it and smelled so good!

The simple mums and cabbage were my favorite. Love that shade of mums and how it picks up the colors from the cabbage so perfectly.

Gorgeous colors!

So many mums along Michigan Ave --

I like the idea of tying corn stalks around the tree trunks from this planter downtown.

And if mums aren't your thing, a nice variety of plants in the pots outside the Omni Hotel. They've used a Jerusalem Cherry plant, which I've been seeing around a lot lately. It adds some great color!
Jerusalem Cherry Plant

Another favorite...

We may not have too many "yards" in Chicago, but we do put together some nice planters! Hope this inspires some Fall planting and decorating of your own!

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Chicago Sidewalk Planters
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