May 7, 2010

Spring planters in the city

Time for the Spring edition of the sidewalk planters! I feel like all I talk about these days is flowers, but I can't resist -- these are gorgeous. We may not have huge yards with green grass everywhere in the city, but I do love watching the changing planters. And Spring of course, is one of the most exciting. Yay for tulips and bright colors after the long, gray winter. Funny to notice "trends" in planting too, definitely a lot of branches and pussy willows incorporated this year.

Really love this combination in front of the Omni Hotel.

You can't go wrong with tulips...

Oh, Hydrangeas... Don't you just love the blue??

One of my favorites. The blue, the orange, the willows, the ivy. Love it

The Trump just won't be love affair continues.

Classy little number over at the James Hotel

And we'll finish with a massive collection off of Michigan Avenue. The foxgloves in here look awesome!

Aren't these great? Gives us city dwellers a little reason to stop and smell the flowers.

You can check out the other seasons' planters here: the Winter collection and the Fall '09 group


  1. LOVE all these pictures Beege. All the planters are great but I especially love the large mass of tulips on MI Ave. Mom and I are going to get some flowers today - too bad it is going to be too cold to plant anything though!

  2. what a great idea about flower pots and a phot essay. Love them all

  3. Hi there! Over from the New Friend Friday!

  4. Oh I love all of those beautiful flowers! Can't wait to get my flowers all planted in my window boxes. Thanks for stopping by The Cottage Home!!


  5. Oh those are beautiful! Something about spring... I'm all about flowers right now too!

    Hopping over from the Trendy Treehouse Follow Me Friday.

  6. i want all those things! unfortunately we bought our house from non-gardeners last fall so we had 2 tulips pop up this Spring and that's it (besides weeds).

  7. Love these photos ~ thanks for sharing and spreading Chicago's spring beauty over the internets ;)

  8. These are incredible! Now if only someone would come plant something like this at my house!


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