May 13, 2010

A night at the ballet

I recently experienced my first real ballet! Now that I've been in Chicago for a few years, it was high time I experience some of the great shows we have visiting Chicago.

My friend Diane is a big ballet fan and was so nice to set up a girls outing to Swan Lake at the Civic Opera House, performed by the American Ballet Theatre. We went after work one evening last month and had dinner and drinks before the show, so much fun!

I snapped a few pictures from outside. The Civic Opera building is just amazing! I wish I would have taken some from inside. It was built in 1929 and from their website, "considered to be one of the world's most beautiful venues." I don't know if I'd go quite that far, but it is quite stunning on the outside and when you walk in.

Looking up from right outside the building...

And a nice shot of the outside from their website


  1. if only we hadn't been running so late, perhaps you could have taken indoor pictures :( haha. always the case!!

  2. Great pics Beege! I love how it looks from the river too!

  3. Look at you! Such a cultured lady!

  4. Beautiful theatre! I love Swan Lake, one of my favorite ballets!


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