May 4, 2010

Let the renovation begin!

This is what the lobby in my building looks like today. And let me tell you, this, in its unfinished state, actually looks better than what was there before!

I'm heading up a project to renovate our entryway, stairwell and do landscaping in the front. Kinda like one big curb appeal package. Lately I've been pretty absorbed in all the details that go into a project like this. I'm working with one other lady in the building and it took us a few months just to get two estimates together and compare everything by line item and get things in order to present to the building. We finally presented our proposal and got enough votes to move forward! And now, work should be done on the inside in another week. I'm excited to share the before and after pictures with you! Nervous to see all our choices go up, but I think (hope!) it will all look good.


  1. how exciting! can't wait to see the after

  2. Can't wait to see the new tile!


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