May 5, 2010

Words for Wednesday

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend...

And speaking of becoming your Mother, I was both frightened and amused when I saw this picture of me and Mama from St. Thomas. I thought we looked so much alike. Basically, I can look at her and see where some of my wrinkles will be :) Of course I can also look at her and hope that I am half as good a Mother as she is. Here's to you 'Sugar', can't wait to see you this weekend!


  1. 'Bittersweet' says LOL! I can't stop laughing over here. You and Mom really do look a lot alike in this picture. Awww. See you Friday Babes.

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  3. very sweet post ~ I both dread and look forward to becoming my mother~ people now are starting to think we are sisters, which probably speaks more for my mom's youth than anything on my part ~ Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Oh Kristen,The picture & your words are bringing a big smile to my face!
    Love you,MOM


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