May 4, 2010

Blooms in the desert

This week's blooms are coming to you from Arizona! I was happy to see the pots my sister and I planted in December were still going at it. Gotta love a climate that lets you grow annuals pretty much all year round.

A shot of the Four Peaks...see 'em?

And because sister is infinitely better at taking pictures than me, here's a better one of the Four Peaks and the loveliness that is the pool. It's clear who wins in the point and shoot vs. Nikon DSLR battle.


  1. Wishing we were still there! Wait - You had your camera? I never saw you take those pictures!

  2. Sneaky aren't I? I think I took these one morning when you and dad were at the Gym. Grandpa probably wondered what the heck I was doing taking all these pictures of the flowers.

  3. beautiful pictures! And I just remembered ~ I think I owe you an email? Argh I'm not the best at keeping up with blog email :( Will try to get back to you this week ~ would love to connect more! :)


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