May 25, 2010

Steal of the week: Nordstrom's half yearly

I consider myself to be somewhat of a bargain hunter and lately I've been collecting these "deals" in my head and wanted to share them with the blogosphere!

Of course I also posses a problem where upon hearing of a sale (any sale!) I feel compelled to run over and buy something (anything!), regardless of how much I actually need the item. Yes, sometimes I buy simply because it is on sale and seems like a "good deal."

With that said, I'm starting a new series so I can post good deals when I see them. Some will end up being specific to only Chicago, others will apply anywhere. I know, you guys are excited, right? Without further ado, this week's Steal of the Week....

Tomorrow at 9 AM begins the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale!! I think I've mentioned this before, but I work literally across the street from the back entrance of Nordstrom and sadly for my wallet, pretty much live there. I get my chai latte for a special treat in the mornings, I eat lunch there, I shop there, I've gotten my makeup done there after work - you get the point.

It's a darn happy morning when I have this at my desk...

Anyway, enough about my obsession, its time to make it your obsession too with all the great deals! For the half-yearly they will have summer items on sale/clearance and also bring out entirely new items that will be marked down.

And if you don't happen to work across the street from Nord's or live near one -- no worries, the sale will be going on online too. Let me know if you find any awesome deals!


  1. Kristen, thanks for the reminder about the parking sticker - I'm sure they'll be out there on July 1 checking for outdated stickers - they drive me nuts! Also, thank you for this post because I did not know about this! :)

  2. I have their Sale postcard stuck on my fridge ~ I'm ready! :)

  3. love it! I can't wait until july when they have the anniversary sale and get all the new fall stuff (marked down, no less!). also, the new nordstrom rack opens 9/30 i believe. mark your calendar!


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