May 26, 2010

spring in da backyard

I kind of missed the boat with this post, considering we've suddenly arrived at Summer in Chicago. But better late than never...

I was so thrilled when the bulbs my neighbor and I planted last fall came up in full force this Spring! When I first moved into this place the grass in the backyard wasn't even growing, so just to have grass coming up nicely is so exciting. I know, not a big deal to those of you not in the city. But it is pretty crazy to be right in Chicago and have a backyard -- unheard of! So I'm pretty happy about even the little things back there.

Humor me as I post these simple Spring pics that bring me oh, so much joy, to look at from my back windows.

Giddy about the trees too, we had a landscaper come in last year to plant trees, so this was the first time we were able to watch them bud in the Spring. It's the little things...

Man oh man, love the smell of hyacinths! It's unfortunate they're so low to the ground because I practically had to lay down to smell them!! I'm sure my neighbors thought this was perfectly normal...

And last but not least -- let me introduce you to this guy, Andy. He enjoys summer weather the best, but he stayed out all winter keeping gaurd of my deck and the backyard. Dedicated little guy isn't he?


  1. Nice picture Beege - the backyard is really looking good! Can't wait to see what you guys do up front.

  2. Girl! I love your flowers! I'm also enamored at the fact that you have a backyard?! I live in the wrong part of the city!

  3. lol does andy act as security against possible intruders?! that's so sweet of him!

  4. your yard looks great! when are you having a bbq? hehe. also, i love your turtle!

  5. Look at you go with your green paws! I hope our garden blooms next spring, otherwise I will be kneeling on the ground to water the bulbs with my tears! Or maybe I will just call you over for some assistance!


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