April 19, 2010

Trump tower love - river walk

So I've got a bit of an affair going on with Trump Tower. And really, if you're going to fall for a building why not shoot high, and go for the Trump?! It's a few blocks from my work so I'm always keeping an eye out on things going on over there. I think I feel kind of attached to the building because I watched the end stages of it going up. I moved here in the Fall of 2007 and construction on the tower was completed in 2009. Little fact, Trump Tower is the second tallest building in the US. Second only to the Sears Tower (I refuse to refer to that as "Willis").

So obviously the building has been open and running for quite some time now -- but the River Walk portion was just recently completed. It is so awesome!! And it seems like not many people are aware of it right now, so it feels like my own little hideout when I walk over there at lunch. And that's really saying something when you're in the heart of downtown.

Prepare for the onslaught of pictures...

You can enter the river walk from Wabash on both sides of the hotel.

Once you get down the stairs there's a really nice walkway that will eventually house shops. Very curious to see what kind of places go in!

I got camera happy...and apparently reached an embarrassing self-portrait stage :)

OK, probably enough pictures for today...back soon with a part two. Please try not to fall off the edge of your seat waiting.


  1. I love getting a cocktail (or 12) at the Trump! This new riverwalk section looks fab, ohhh Chicago. You slay me with your wonderfulness.

  2. Bailey! I love getting cocktails there too, even if they do cost like 15 each :) And I'm so excited for it to be warm enough for drinks on their terrace!

  3. Beege - Somehow I missed this post. I swear it did not come up in my dashboard! Anyways, great pictures! Speaking of cocktails. . we need to go the the Trump again next time I am in town!

  4. Great photos! I can't wait until the terrace is open (last time I was there they said May?) ~ it should be divine ~

  5. ooh impressive photos!!!
    thanks for letting me know about the girl's room :) xoxo

  6. Oh, I love Chicago so much! One of my favorite cities! Great photos!


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