April 7, 2010


It's so nice to have flowering branches inside in the Spring. I picked these up at Trader Joe's.

Speaking of blooms... All the bulbs my neighbor and I planted last fall are just about ready to burst. I am so excited!! I'll post pictures when they are in full bloom, of course. I'm pretty familiar with planting bulbs, from growing up around my green thumb Mom - but this was the first time that I had a yard of my own (well OK I share it with 5 other condo units) to plant bulbs in. I was irrationally nervous they wouldn't come up. But they're doing great! After a long, cold Winter, I can hardly describe the excitement it brings to see little green stalks popping up.

A few weeks ago...

...and now.

Spring is here! Hopefully all this rain we've been getting in Chi will giveway to some sun soon. I hear better weather is on the way just in time for the weekend. But you know what they say, April showers bring May flowers...


  1. Love those blooms! Wish we had a Trader Joe's in Memphis!

  2. The daffs are going to be beautiful!
    And I love those branches too.


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