April 7, 2010

Words for Wednesday

Isn't this cute? I would love to hang this in my kitchen or somewhere near my bar area. This print and the words for Wednesday this week come from the Keep Calm Gallery. I'd say they are most well known for their really cool Keep Calm and Carry On print.

I love different typefaces and fonts, really makes me wish I could use a graphic design program of sorts so I could make some prints for myself! I have lots of good ideas, just no photoshop or quark, etc. knowledge. Oh well, for the time being I can look through their shop!


  1. Whoa. . someone was on top of things for for Words for Wednesday this week. I love that print! It's so cute. I'd love to have it in my kitchen too.

  2. LOVE this print! May have to feature it, too! Am (creepily?) stalking the Chicago blogger meet-up blogs and am lovin' yours. See you on Saturday :)


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