April 13, 2010

Yesterday at work . . .

Our Global CEO, David Jones, was in our offices
and gave us a talk. I was kind of in awe, I have never
seen him in person before. He seems like such a neat man,
not to mention powerful and extremely intelligent!
He is the CEO of Havas Worldwide, including all
233 Euro RSCG offices around the globe! This is a
little off color, but I found him fascinating to listen to,
in part, because he sounds like Hugh Grant. (who doesn't
love a good British accent, right??)

When he was done talking, we watched several videos of recent work created by Euro from around the world. This one for Volvo, done by our offices in Amsterdam, really got me. From a marketing perspective it was just an awesome idea on launching a product when they couldn't actually show the new car. But personally, I thought this video on the whole idea was so inspiring. I'm that weirdo at the meeting who was blinking back tears watching this. On a side note, why do I seem to get teary eyed at the drop of a hat?! Check out this video and let me know if you experience anything like I was feeling :)


  1. Great video! What a neat idea.
    As far as your global CEO, you had me at 'He sounds like Hugh Grant.' Gets me every time.

  2. Great! I throughly enjoyed it and YES the CEO looks very cool.

  3. Yep ~ same reaction as you. I was a Marketing major in undergrad and am always interested to see a good marketing campaign. Bravo!


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