April 1, 2010

Words for Wednesday

I know, I know...it's Thursday and I need to get with the program...but busy day at work yesterday and also a little crazed with tickets...Sister and I bought tickets to the Final Four yesterday!!! We are so pumped! We have tickers for all games but probably won't be staying for the Monday night game, but we sure as heck will be there Saturday to see the boys in all their glory :)

In the past few basketball-filled months I don't think I've ever sang the fight song so much in my life. At the MSU bars in chicago (and there are lots of them!!) they play the fight songs at half time or when we win the game or even at random commercial breaks! The whole place gets pretty into it and we're all usually clapping along and singing, it's pretty cool. Feels like I'm right back in East Lansing again. Without further ado, the words for Wednesday Thursday....

Picture taken by Ali at our Homecoming trip last year!


  1. I wondered where Words for Wednesday was! This was worth the wait. . .Indy, here we come! Can't wait to see the boys in action!

  2. haha! you will be all set with the words for football season now.......


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