April 22, 2010

A letterpress love . . .

I have an odd, but deep love of fine paper goods. Cards, stationary, notebooks, prints...you name it.

Within this category falls things done on a letterpress. As in, the time treasured process of printing by hand, on a letterpress. It seems to create some beautiful things, let me tell ya.

I stumbled upon Ink & Iron when I was looking for Christmas cards on Etsy. I ended up buying all my christmas cards there. Not only is the letterpress style and quality on them awesome, but I love the words and phrases used! Ties right in with my quotes habit :)

I was so in love with the cards and quality of them that I didn't even want to send any, I just wanted to keep them for myself! (Apparently I have weird hoarder tendencies??) Don't worry, I did send them out...but I also kept one each of the three designs and plan to frame them and put them up around my house during the Christmas season next year. It is probably a little unnatural to feel this kind of attachment to a paper good. But, order one and I am sure you will see what I mean.

Here is an excerpt from Ink & Iron's profile:

Like most letterpress printers, I distinctly remember the moment I fell in love with letterpress. While shopping in 2007, a wine bottle with a beautiful label caught my eye and I had to buy it. Not for the wine, mind you, but the label [genius marketing]. I loved it so much, I phoned the winery to see if they had any posters. The winery referred me to the designer and printer, Hatch Show Print, the nation's oldest letterpress print shop. Clueless about letterpress, I phoned them in hopes of getting the wine label in poster size, or at a minimum, an electronic file that I could have a local printer print for me. Very nicely, I was told that they did not have an electronic file, but they would be happy to print a minimum of 100 posters for me, which I declined of course (I only wanted one!). Puzzled, I got off the phone, began researching letterpress, and there began my labor of love, not so commonly known as letterpress.

A few favorites from her store right now...

The detail in these cards is pretty incredible. And oh my, this wedding invitation she made - gorgeous!!

Head on over to Etsy and let me know if you are loving these as much as me!


  1. lol SO funny i have a draft of a letterpress post going right now :) also, i totally keep 1 of my favorite cards too, so you've got some company there!

  2. I am ADDICTED to paper products, too!!!

  3. GOOD NIGHT!! Those are AWESOME! I love 'em. I love stationery also and I am dying over all of the pics you shared. I wish I could have each and every last one...

  4. I can absolutely relate to this! We did letterpress moving announcements and when they arrived, I would just sit and stare at them:)

    Have a fun, safe trip!



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