November 18, 2010

Chicago Sidewalk Planters: Fall 2010 edition

I've been on the hunt for sidewalk planters that are all done up for Fall! I came up with quite a few pretty plantings. I always like to monitor the themes that seem to appear each season. For Fall, I've seen a lot of the classics (mums) but also really cool greenery like cabbage and Kale. Without further adieu, here are the Fall planters!

Some of my favorites, I really like the greenery and the birch sticks. And they added pansies, which you generally see in the very early Spring since they are so hardy, but Fall is perfect for them as well!

Cabbage close ups from Michigan Ave.
I love the coloring!

The yellow mums deserve their own section...

How did she get in this one? :) You can really tell how massive this cement planter is with a little perspective.

Lastly, you may remember these guys from Spring. The massive planters are along Erie and are always done up for the seasons. I think the scraecrow was a tad cheesy, but everything else about this display is great! 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of sidewalk planters in the city! You can view the other season's collections here:

I'm linking up to Outdoor Wednesday!


  1. Love all these pictures Beege. The cabbage pictures are really pretty. And I was pretty surprised to see you snuck in a picture of me!

  2. The planters are gorgeous. I bet they bring a smile to peoples faces as they walk by.

  3. Hi Kristen, Lucky you to live in a city that does such a beautiful job, the planters are amazing:-))

  4. Ah I see you joined in Outdoor Wednesday, so did I this week! Beautiful planters and although I have seen a lot of cabbage type plants used commercially I cannot imagine using them at home.


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