November 1, 2010

Saguaro Lake, Arizona

A week and a half ago I was in the middle of a great vacation in Arizona! Hard to believe, considering I'm now back to the daily grind and woke up to 40 degrees outside this morning! My sister and I usually go out a few times a year to see our Dad and little brother who are out there for the Winter (and school year). We had a great trip and mostly wonderful weather. For all the times we have been out, we've never gone to Saguaro Lake, which is only a 15-20 minute drive from the Scottsdale area. If you're ever out there, it's definitely worth the trip.

Saguaro Lake is located in the Tonto National Forest, which covers almost 3 million acres! It is the fifth largest forest in the U.S. We had a great day for our boat tour and were in awe of the sights. It was beautiful! The mountains, the water, the cacti... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

So odd seeing cactus and water!

Everybody had a good time on the boat! From 9-year old brother all the way up to 90-year old Grandpa!

Pops, taking in the scenes.

Big sis and world's cutest little brother

Grandpa, almost 90. Ethan, 9

Back to the gorgeous scenery...

Four Peaks Mountains in the background, the tops covered by clouds.
Heading home after a day on the water. I love the desert scenery. So different than my concrete jungle in Chicago :)


  1. Great post Babes! What a fun day that was. I laughed seeing the pics of E with his life jacket on. Remember how ticked he was that he had to put that on?!

  2. Your beautiful sunny photos have just cheered up a very dark grey and wet day here in Italy.

  3. 1. Your whole fam is adorable.
    2. That scenery is unreal! I've never been to the SW but I'd love to see that gorgeousness in person.
    3. Welcome back! I'm sure it's almost freezing in chicago by now...nice little rude awakening huh.

  4. I too am from the great Chi-town but I also appreciate Arizona. I have family out there and always look forward to a visit. Welcome Back and next time I'm in Mesa I'll have to check out the Saguaro Lake. Have you visited Taliesin West? that place is amazing!


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