November 2, 2010

Concord grapes, my favorite super fruit

Behold the Concord Grape.

Concord Grapes are currently in season in the Midwest and are one of my favorite fruits! The smell alone does it for me. They have the best scent in the world. Very, sweet and grape-y :) And besides being delicious, it happens to be an antioxidant powerhouse. Check out this info from the LiveStrong website. Concord grapes contain the same antioxidants found in red wine, polyphenols. My grandpa used to grow these in his backyard, so eating them always brings back good memories. If you happen to see these in your grocery store, check them out!

Of course, another reason I love concord grapes is many come from Michigan! I've noticed Whole Foods likes to sell the grapes as a specialty item and charge quite a bit, but Jewel has them by all the other grapes and they sell for only $2.99. You can also visit the Michigan grower's website here.


  1. Concord grapes will always remind me of Grandpa. I loved going out back and checking on the grapes and picking them to eat. The smell alone takes me right back to that very spot in their backyard. Did you take those pictures? If so, wow - they are awesome! Love that close up!

  2. Thanks Beege! Yes, I took the pictures during my lunch hour last week. The little Sony camera that could!

  3. Now I'm craving grapes! I stopped buying them there for awhile when they got so expensive at Dominick's...I wish I had a big bowl of them right now!


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