November 30, 2010

Chicago Eats: Rocks

I have to let you in on a little neighborhood secret, Rocks. My favorite neighborhood spot for meeting up with friends and grabbing a drink and some food. I anxiously watched this place go up and was super excited to have a cute spot right by my house. I've since moved south a bit, but I still head to Rocks because it's definitely worth the walk! I think business is doing well because they've recently expanded and taken over some space next door. If you're in the Lakeview area, you definitely need to stop by. If for nothing else than the skewer that comes in the bloody mary's.

I was here last month with my usual Rocks buddy on an unseasonably warm day. Doesn't that bloody look delicious?

My friend ordered beer that came in a cute can.

 And on another trip, we enjoyed $5 glasses of wine. Rocks has great specials every day and Tuesdays are $5 wine and cheap salads! I like pretty much all of their food, one thing they do really well is their chili. Delicious!

My lovely friend, LB!

Not the best shot, but they have a great patio for the warmer months!
Rocks Lakeview (also a Lincoln Park location)
3463 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 


  1. What an interesting looking drink, celery and cheese!

  2. How neat! We love to visit Chicago. I will have to put this on one of our places to visit.

    It looks like you had a lot of fun. Take care and have a great week!

  3. Dude I don't even like Bloodies but is that cheeeeeese? I'd drink anything garnished with cheese! I also love beer & cute cans but especially beer IN cute cans.


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