December 1, 2010

Words for Wednesday

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Right on cue, we got our first real snow in Chicago today. Mother Nature must have planned that to coincide with the first day of December! I always think the first snow is kind of magical. Something about seeing those big flakes float down from the sky. And my feet were pretty excited to cozy up in their Uggs today. I'll be singing a far different tune come February, but for now, I'll enjoy it. Here's to a white Christmas!


  1. I do not mind snow if it comes with beautiful blue skies:)

  2. We got our first snow, too. Just wish I didn't have to drive in it.

  3. See that amount of snow on that perfect red roof is just fine. Any more means I turn into Grandma-driver with white knuckles with people passing me, waving certain fingers at me. I'm a mess. But we've yet to get our first snow...hopefully it waits til March :)


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