November 19, 2010

Steal of the Week: Groupon & Nordstrom Rack

**Update: Apparently, I picked a popular time to talk about Groupon. Oprah mentioned it on her show this morning and as a result the site as been down all day due to the high volumes of traffic. Ugh. I am certain they will extend the offer time on this deal though.**

I know, I should really settle down and stop posting about Nordstrom. But, there's an awesome Groupon that came my way this morning and I just have to share! First, if you're not using Groupon yet, you've gotta start! Sure, it's encouraged some impulsive "good deal" buys, but it is definitely worth it. Every morning a "deal" is sent to your inbox and you usually have 24 hours to purchase it. You sign up for your city and the deals are tailored to things in your area. I've gotten Groupons for half off restaurants, super cheap facials and even a package for car washes.You also get a $10 credit for referring friends, so if you do sign up use this link.

Today's deal was a welcome surprise in my inbox, half off at Nordstrom Rack! With the new location that just opened up in downtown Chicago I was pretty pumped about this! For $25 you get a $50 Groupon to use at Nordstrom Rack. And here's the best part, it is valid at ANY Nordstrom Rack location in the states! Perfect for gift buying or maybe purchasing a holiday party outfit.

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  1. That is such a brilliant idea. I am so living in the wrong country!!

    Hope you found lots of bargains.

    Best wishes,


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