November 1, 2011

Chicago Sidewalk Planters: Fall 2011

Hard to believe we're well into Fall again, where did Summer go? Sometimes I don't exactly welcome Fall with open arms like everyone else -- it's too hard for me to let go of Summer! But I do love to check out the Fall colors and what people are putting in their Fall planters outside. I've gathered up a few of my favorites from around the city. There are lots of great ideas in the 2010 edition of Fall planters too!

This planter had eucalyptus in it and smelled so good!

The simple mums and cabbage were my favorite. Love that shade of mums and how it picks up the colors from the cabbage so perfectly.

Gorgeous colors!

So many mums along Michigan Ave --

I like the idea of tying corn stalks around the tree trunks from this planter downtown.

And if mums aren't your thing, a nice variety of plants in the pots outside the Omni Hotel. They've used a Jerusalem Cherry plant, which I've been seeing around a lot lately. It adds some great color!
Jerusalem Cherry Plant

Another favorite...

We may not have too many "yards" in Chicago, but we do put together some nice planters! Hope this inspires some Fall planting and decorating of your own!

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Chicago Sidewalk Planters
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  1. I love it when they use cabbage and lettuce in the arrangements. The colors are so vivid!

  2. THOSE FLOWERS (planters) WERE BEAUTIFUL! I loved those pics!

    Hope you had a great Tuesday! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  3. Hi, back from my travels and trying to catch up with all my favourite bloggers. I see you have had a break as well, it is hard coming back to reality. I have enjoyed catching up with your posts this evening, especially loved these gorgeous autumnal photos, like you I have trouble leaving summer behind, already wish i was back in HK!

  4. beautiful fall flowers!

  5. I love the bright pink dahlias. What a nice way to brighten up the cold November weather in Oregon.

  6. Lucky you to live in Chicago. Great photos of beautiful plantings. Thanks. Found you at Southern Hospitality, where your post was different from most of the others. I like different.


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