August 23, 2011

In the Kitchen: Shrimp tacos with Chipotle

I've been loving Chipotle Peppers lately! I've made everything from pulled pork to pasta salad using chipotle peppers, seems like P Dubs is in a chipotle mood lately too, two of my recipes came from her! I found this awesome recipe for Shrimp tacos and the real kicker to them is the chipotle and sour cream sauce. It takes the tacos to a whole other level! These are very simple to make, here's the lowdown:

- Frozen Raw Shrimp, amount can be variable, figure 4-5 shrimp per taco
- 2 limes
- Old Bay seasoning, Pepper, Jane's Krazy Salt, Chili Powder
- One small chipotle from can, minced
- 1/2 cup sour cream
- Corn tortillas
- Cabbage shredded or prepackaged coleslaw mix
- Avocado and guacamole seasoning, optional

Seasoning for the shrimp

Begin by thawing the shrimp, this can easily be done by soaking in cold water for 5-8 minutes. When the shrimp are defrosted, pat dry and sprinkle the seasoning on them, you can be generous with your seasoning! I like them spicy personally, so I load on the spices.

 Set the shrimp aside for a moment so you can put the sauce together. Mix the sour cream, chipotle pepper and juice from half a lime in a bowl. (At this point I whip up the guacamole as well, that is completely optional though, I am just a guacamole freak and eat it with every meal possible!) Now set this aside and heat a skillet for cooking the shrimp.

Chipotle sauce
The shrimp will cook fast (about 3-4 minutes each side or less), when they are almost done sprinkle more fresh lime juice over them.

Now, time to assemble the tacos. I put a little of the special chipotle sauce and guac in the bottom, then throw in the shrimp and cabbage or coleslaw mix. Squeeze lime juice over the top and it's all done. Delicious and easy!

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  1. oh man Beege, those tacos look delish! I'm glad you are mixing up "mexican night", LOL.


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