September 29, 2011

For the Chi Town Runners

What are you guys doing Saturday? There's a really cool event going on that anyone who's into running, fitness or Chicago will like. Nike is going to unveil an awesome new Chicago designed pair of shoes and give great tips for running during our crap Winters :) There will also be a little fashion show with looks that are perfect for Fall running. It's free and all you need to do is show-up. Check out the invite below and stop by!

See those cool shoes on the invite? They are designed by Chicago artist, Tara D. for Chicago runners! So cool. How many cities actually get their own pair of shoes made for them? Are we special in Chicago or what? The designer is going to be on hand at the event to talk about her design and answer questions.

I have really been wanting to try out the new Lunar fit. Of course I'm in love with my Nike ID's too, but this is like a custom ID pair for our city! From what I've been reading the Lunar gives you a lot of stability and extra soft cushioning for hitting the Lakeshore path. I got the hook-up on some pics of the shoes, consider this a sneak-peek to Saturday!

What do you guys think? I love how they say "CHI" right on them. Too cool. I can't wait to get my hands on a pair. And I do have to let you guys in on a little secret, Nike is going to be hooking me up with a pair of these sweet shoes! So excited. Thanks Nike :) I'll have to review them after I run in them a few times.

Definitely try to check out the event on Saturday afternoon. I am really bummed, I am taking a trip to Wine Country in Michigan this weekend so I can't be there, but I'm dying to hear how it goes. Email me with any questions and let me know how it is if you go!


  1. Love the shoes! Who wouldn't want a pair of running shoes customized for their city? Go Chi!

  2. These shoes are so cute! Love that they are the colors of the Chicago city flag. Will they be available for purchase?


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