June 8, 2012

Blooms: Tuberous Begonia

I was potting all my flowers a few weeks ago and was struck by how beautiful this begonia looked. These have always been a favorite of mine for my shady patio. They are just so darn pretty!

This is a variety of Tuberous Begonias, perfect for shade gardening. One thing to note, they need good drainage and like to dry out in between waterings. They are susceptible to rot, so you have to be careful not to over water or you will end up with limp, dead-ish plants (I learned the hard way a few years ago!)


  1. Those are beautiful begonias. I do not have much luck with them..but I love seeing those. I may try geraniums for the red.

  2. Make mental note. Begonias and shade are a go. I have way more shade than sun in my garden ... both in the back and the front ...




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