July 2, 2012

Monday, Monday . . .

Oh Monday, how I despise you after a long vacation. To be back in my desk under this flourescent lighting after a week of beach and sun is nothing short of painful. Ugh, anyone else having a little bit of a rough Monday?

My family rented a cottage on Lake Michigan last week and it was Pure Bliss (in Pure Michigan of course). I am so happy waking up to the gorgeous lake and spending long days in the sand, who wouldn't be? Our cottage was great and the Lake was right out our backyard. I'll be back with a full vacay post later, as usual sis took tons of great pictures!

Our own little slice of Heaven for the week
Lots of wine enjoyed on the deck

Sunset over the Lake

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  1. Love your pics, especially sunset over the lake. I'm glad you had a nice get away before returning to florescent lights.


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