October 19, 2009

A new lunch love

Walking down Ontario during lunchtime a few weeks ago I stumbled on a little gem. Drawn in by the cute decor and promise of freshly baked bread, I stepped inside. Cozy, yet modern decor and tons of baked goods! Spying the bagels I made a mental note to come back for breakfast sometime. I ended up ordering the southwest chicken sandwhich on sourdough that came with homemade potatoe chips. After chatting with the guy behind the counter I learned this was not a chain (+1) and that the only other location is in Jackson Hole, Wymoing. You can visit their website for more.

Everything on the menu sounded delicious to me. They serve breakfast all day! From bagels to eggs cooked to order with potatoes, not to mention the strawberry stuffed challah french toast. The menu has Jewish touches sprinkled throughout, matzo ball soup, which looked delicious, and of course the homemade challah. So far I can only vouch for the southwest chicken sandwich and the buffalo chicken (healthy twist, not fried chicken!) but I've got a good feeling about this place...

And not to keep droning on and on about this, but on my second visit I got colesaw instead of the chips (to go) and it came in a really nice eco friendly, recycled container. A nice touch and another +1.

And...this is the best part -- I dropped my business card in a jar for a drawing and won a $20 gift certificate! Pathetic but true, this gift certificate made my Monday. Consider me a regular customer!

e. leaven
54 east ontario street


  1. Great post Beege! This place sounds DELISH! Get me some matzo ball soup ASAP! I def want to go next time I am in town. Do they serve wine / beer?

  2. I have never heard of here, but now I will have to try! Thanks for sharing :)


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