August 18, 2010

The back deck tour

One of the things that sold me on my place the most was the large back deck. Space is at a premium in Chicago so I loved having such a large deck and even a backyard (unheard of!) I'm not quite a high-rise living kind of girl, so having a deck and easy access to outside makes me feel like I'm living in less of a concrete jungle.

I haven't gone wild with buying outdoor furniture, even though I really wanted to! But I've got a few chairs, an ottoman and lots of plants. Throw in a cold beer or glass of wine and that sounds pretty good to me!

Now that plants have been in full bloom for quite some time and summer is in full force (I will not say nearing the end, because that is just too much to deal with), I thought I'd show some pictures of my deck!

I purchased the chairs and table from Target last summer. My sister sewed me the pillows and I found the chair cushions at Marshall's! And above is my Christmas Cactus from inside. I always like to bring a few of my houseplants out for the summer to "vacation." The Christmas cactus loves it out here, within a week or two of being out it starts growing new leaves! And you remember Andy, right? Protector of the house and deck. He's got a nice little perch going on the table.

The begonia corner! I have a very shady deck and I've learned the hard way nice, flowering plants that like sun just aren't going to do well here. Enter begonias. My Mom got a Dragon wing begonia for me this year and it is my absolute favorite. It has done so well and brings a little tropical feel to the deck, and all without much sun.

I came up with what I thought was a creative plant stand. It's always nice to add some height to plant arrangements so everything isn't sitting on the ground. Enter the mini-Oberon keg. They come in collectible designs every summer (it's a summer only brew) and I wasn't sure of a use for it -- until I discovered a small 5in or so pot fits perfect on top!

One more begonia. Another favorite, Tuberous Begonia's. Mine hasn't done as well as I hoped this year, but generally they have very full blooms that look rose like. They thrive in the shade, but are very fragile and crack or break easily.

An indoor Christmas decoration from Target has a perfect little spot on the deck!

OK, time to kick back! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. ah, just gorgeous! i am sitting here green with envy ;)

    ps LOVE the new header, great job! hoping to make myself a new one soon as well!


  2. Love all the pics Beege. I completely forgot that I sewed those pillows! I do remember E & I buying the fabric was a tough decision! All the plants look great!

  3. beautiful back deck! How fun! :) I love all your plants. I'm a flower/plant girl too!

  4. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! Your deck looks so cozy. I love the brick wall! I've never seen a dragon wing begonia, it's lovely. Love the color! Jean

  5. What a lovely outdoor space. It is so pretty and inviting!

  6. please invite me over to drink vino with you and andy on your adorable deck!!! re: the oberon keg, my mom turned mine into a mini planter by jimmying the top off with a screwdriver...haha

  7. What a cute deck...enjoy!!

  8. Hi! love your blog, I just recently found it! I'm also a Chicago girl! I was wondering if you've ever given a full tour of your condo? I'd love to see all the rooms and how you've decorated! :o)

  9. Thanks everyone! Hey Erin, always nice to meet a fellow Chicago girl! I will have to post a few rooms from my house sometime soon, good idea! And thanks for stopping by :)

  10. Gorgeous deck! I loooove those cushions, especially with the yellow pillow accents!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, love finding other Chicago bloggers!

  11. Ohhhh I love it! It looks so summery and inviting. And it's covered and private too, which I love. Major deck jealousy going on here. My backyard consists of 3 septic system covers sticking out of the ground. Not so hot.


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