February 15, 2011

Downtown City Target? It's true!

Hi blog world. It's been awhile, but I had to come back to share this life changing news with you - Target is coming to State Street in Chicago!! Be still my heart. This has long been speculated, but was officially announced today; Target is moving to the landmark Sullivan Center building at State and Madison Street. They are calling this a "City Target." That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? It will be an urban store on multiple levels offering fresh food (!!) and other Target essentials. And please, let's be honest, everything Target offers is "essential" to me!

Target is trying to have the store open by the end of the year! Possibly as early as November. You can get excited and read the full article in the Tribune here!

Target's new home on State Street!

I am very anxious to see how Target fits into their new home and how they design the store. The old Carson's building is a historic landmark on State Street. Here's a quote from the Trib article: “We look forward to preserving this Chicago treasure and blending in with the building’s aesthetic, said John Griffith, executive vice president, property development at Target. “A hallmark of Target is our flexibility in store design.”

How cool that Target will be a State Street icon now! I'll be sure to keep everyone informed on the store's progress and post pictures of the remodeling! I plan to basically stalk this building until the day I am welcomed inside :)


  1. You may well laugh but I have no idea what a 'Target' store is!

  2. I about peed my pants when I heard this!! I am seriously so overjoyed that it is true. And it's 3 blocks from my office. I am going to be so poor.. "everything from target is essential to me". Haha! So true.

  3. I'm excited ~ bringing Target into downtown makes it accessible for running errands at lunch :) Though I can never seem to leave without two overstuffed bags, which might be a little difficult to walk into my office with!

  4. 1. WHERE ARE YOU!?!?! {this post is from feb}
    2. I just saw this post {a few months late} and immediately forwarded it to my chi-town friends. I'm so excited for you all!

  5. What a gorgeous Target! Can't wait until it finally comes north of the border.


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