June 23, 2011

Summer arrived - pure michigan style

I know the official start of summer was Tuesday, but summer started June 11th for me when I spent a week on Lake Michigan with the family. Spending sunny days down at the beach with a book and drink in hand was pretty much pure bliss. We had a few cloudy/rainy days, but for the most part the weather cooperated. I found the cottage for us from VRBO, you might remember me talking about them here. I've had really good experiences every time I've used the site.

The cottage was right on Lake Michigan in Holland, MI. It's not too far from my hometown in GR, but we really liked the location because Downtown Holland is a cute area with shops and restaurants and you're only a short drive from Sagutack - an equally cute lake front city with more shops and places to eat. Here are a few pictures of the week...

Our perch on the beach, right in front of the cottage.

Sometimes I can't believe how gorgeous Lake Michigan is. If people aren't familiar with it, they often write it off as a typical small lake. Not the case, as we say over here, kinda like the ocean, but unsalted! I'm so lucky to live in Chicago right on the Lake and to have grown up 30 minutes away from the beach.

The beach the cottage was on was private and stretched on for miles. It made for some good walks. We headed up to the lighthouse, "Big Red" one day.

Me and the little bro.

For information on visiting Holland, MI go here.

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