March 7, 2012

Words for Wednesday

Sleeping Bear Dunes, October 2011

A lot has changed for me since I last blogged. I lost someone who I was very close to in January and it changed everything. Nothing has been the same since and I expect it never will be quite the same. I saw this quote on a sympathy card years ago and have kept it in my quotes book since then. Not much brings comfort these days, but the one thing I rely on is knowing that he is "home". I struggle with why he had to go and what the reason was for all this, but I guess God needed him to carry out a higher purpose from up above. I know I am not alone in my struggle, so many blogs I read have been through hard times like this too. It's been a source of comfort to know that other people have dealt with great loss and found ways to overcome it. If they can do it, then I know I can too. Sometimes I get in a mood where I think how did this happen to me? Why me? I have it harder than other people, etc. etc. It helps to take the focus off of myself and realize that millions of people are suffering in different ways everyday. We ALL go through things and it lessens the pain just a little bit when I remember that. I hope this quote rings as true for some of you as it does for me. This life is a fragile thing, I know that for sure. And I don't want to take any of it for granted. I want to learn and grow and love as much as I possibly can before I return home.


  1. hey k, i'm so sorry for your loss. i hope you will be able to start the healing process soon - but take your time and take care of yourself. xoxo.

  2. What a lovely proverb, I hope you have found it a help during your time of sadness, my thoughts are with.

  3. Kristen,

    Your proverb is very true,It is hard for all of us to understand God's plan sometimes.



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