April 10, 2012

Chicago gets a fancy new Walgreens

Walgreens has gone upscale! I never considered myself a big Walgreens fan, but I have to give Walgreens some props since they were started right here in Chicago and still have their headquarters in the ‘burbs. The new Flagship store on State Street changed my opinion of them; I’m definitely a fan now.

The new flagship store opened in January and is completely unlike any Walgreens I’ve ever seen. Wine tasting? Manicures? Fro-yo in 6 different flavors? Who knew?! The new location is two stories right across the street from Macy’s at State and Randolph, in the former Loehmann's building. Walgreens had previously operated a store at this intersection from 1926 to 2005, so there are a lot of references to their history in the area throughout the store.

I’m pretty excited to have this store close by while I’m at work. A few highlights that I think anyone who works in the loop or surrounding areas will appreciate:

- A full manicure bar with Essie and OPI – and get this, you can get a manicure for only $10!! That is a serious steal in the loop. Only downside, they don’t do cuticle work, but everything else you would expect with a manicure is included. It’s already pretty busy so make sure you call ahead for an appointment. The beauty area upstairs also does makeovers and brow shaping.

- Fresh sushi bar with a chef who will actually make your sushi order right there, barista serving specialty “Randolph & State” blends, jucie bar and low-fat Frozen Yogurt in a ton of flavors. Plus, everything is reasonably priced. I’m always excited to have more lunch options! I zeroed in on the fro-yo and forgot to snap pics of the other food, oops.

- Wine Tasting at Walgreens? Why not! They carry a huge selection of wines, from cheap to pricey and they periodically have tastings. If I need a lunch time pick-me-up I am going to seriously consider attending a tasting…

- Take Care clinic, I’ve never used one of these, but in a pinch this location has an extra nice version of Walgreen’s standard clinics. They have a nurse practitioner you can see with or without an appointment and it’s open on the weekends so it could be a good option when your doctor’s office isn’t open.

- They’ve got all the regular things you would go to a Walgreens for too, just expanded with bigger and better selection. For instance, they now have papyrus greeting cards in addition to the standard ones you’ll find at other locations. And the travel size section?? So many mini-size options! (Is it just me or is it really fun buying mini toiletry items?)

Definitely a convenient place to shop/eat/get a mani/wine in the loop. Whether you live here or are just visiting, it’s worth checking out! 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Walgreens Flagship Store
151 N. State
(State and Randolph)
Chicago, 60601


  1. The manis do include cuticle work, they just don't cut them.

  2. I've been meaning to check this out but haven't had the chance. Thanks for the pics!


  3. Can't believet hat's a Walgreens! Now that's a Walgreens I would shop at!

  4. Fanciest Walgreens ever. Thanks for the share.

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