October 4, 2012

Michigan Bubbly: L. Mawby Sparkling Wines

Around this time last year my sister, Mom and I took a trip to the Traverse City area for some wine tasting. I've been to Traverse City and beautiful Northern Michigan many times, but visiting old favorites is fun and you always discover something new up there too. I posted about our stop at gorgeous Sleeping Bear Dunes, we also hit Cherry Republic and lots of vineyards! My favorite vineyard is L. Mawby. I credit them with my love for sparkling wines. When we first stopped there several years ago I really fell in love with their wines.

They only make sparkling wines — and they are good at it! They have two labels, L. Mawby, made using the methode champenoise, it is slightly higher priced, but still very affordable.  I don't know all the details of what methode champenoise involves but it is the oldest and most traditional way to make sparkling wine and was supposedly developed by Dom (Pierre) Perignon, sound familiar?!

M. Lawrence which is made using the cuve close method, are given less aging and as a result less expensive. The great thing about the wine is that you can purchase it in different locations and drink at many restaurants throughout Michigan and even in Chicago! I was so excited to find a few M. Lawrence varieties at the Whole Foods here.

They have a great tasting room. After getting a few pours for free, you can decide what others you'd like to try and pick cheese or a pate and crackers for a small charge between $5 and $9, depending on what wines you select for tasting.

I had to stock up on lots of bubbly to bring back to Chicago!

They recently changed their labels, I'll have to stock up again soon and check out the new designs. My original favorite is from the M. Lawrence line and is call "Sex". Cute for a date night, no?! There is another one called "US" that would be equally cute for date night. I also love the special varieties named Grand Rapids and Detroit. And for a special occasion, the J'adore was fabulous.

If you are planning a trip to Wine Country in Michigan, make sure to add this to your list! Fall is such a great time to visit, the air is crisp and all the colors on the trees are starting to change, making for a gorgeous drive up.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
L. Mawby - Fine Leelanau Peninsula Sparkling Wines
4519 Elm Valley Road
Suttons Bay, MI 49682
Tasting Room Hours through end of October:
Mon-Sat, Noon- 6 PM
Sun, Noon-5 PM

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  1. That was a great weekend! We definitely need to plan another trip for next Fall.


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