October 8, 2012

The Weekender

The weekend went way too fast as usual! I didn't have any big plans but got a lot done around the house and did feel pretty rested to start the work week. It sure felt like Fall this weekend, it's nice, but I'm not looking forward to the pending Winter. Here's a few pictures of my weekend, what did you guys do?

The chill is in the air, but it was sunny and gorgeous most of the weekend!

I fried an egg for the first time ever! I don't know what has taken me so long. Made a delicious sandwich with turkey bacon, cheddar and sourdough.

It's always a good weekend when Target is involved. Spotted this cute blouse at Target and couldn't get over what a good deal it was. $22.99 and to me it looks more like a Banana or Ann Taylor style shirt. I don't feel like orange works with my skin tone, but I was scoping this out for my Mom or sister who can pull that color off. You can see the shirt on Target's website here.

Do you guys like Kiwis? I love them and end up eating them more on the weekend than during the week when I can take the time to peel them. Did you know that ounce for ounce, kiwifruit contains more vitamin C than an orange?! It’s also a good source for two of the most important fat-soluble antioxidants: vitamin E and vitamin A.

I did our Fall planters this weekend too! I'll have to post about them this week.

Here's hoping for a quick and painless work week!

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