February 7, 2010

The Ads

Well, I am an Advertising girl -- so here's my take on what went on in-between the football game tonight.

This was hands down, my favorite ad from the Super Bowl. It was for Google, I loved how it told an entire story -- all through a simple Google search bar.

One ad I didn't understand all the fuss about -- the Tim Tebow commerical. Considering the words abortion or pro-life weren't even close to being mentioned in the ad I don't know what all the controversy was about. Then again, when you look at the people behind most media outlets, I guess I'm not surprised they turned it into a huge issue. Personally I had no problem with it and thought it was nicely done.

The other honorable mentions; the E-Trade commercials with the little baby talking like a grown up, those never fail to make me laugh. I think they've got a pretty good campaign going there and it doesn't feel overused or stale yet. Unlike the GoDaddy commercials, those are getting old in my opinion, found them quite dumb this year, honestly. Another campaign that's still got life in it -- the Budweiser Clydesdale, I thought this year's iteration with the bull was cute.

And I can't, not mention, an ad my agency did! I think it's pretty cool! The credit for this goes to Palm + Havas, an off-shoot of my agency.

Automobile advertising was down this year, I did like the spot for the Dodge Charger, did you guys see that one?

And now a question to my many devoted readers (haha), what ads did you like? Any favorites?

P.S. I am happy the Saints won it, I think they definitely deserved it!


  1. This fellow advertising girl agrees that Google's was the best!!

  2. The Google ad was definitely the best!


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