February 16, 2010

The olympics!

Alright, I am sucked into the Olympics! It may not have quite the excitement of watching Phelps a few summers ago, but it's still pretty good. Home from watching my boys in green win -- And now onto the men's figure skating.

OK, have you seen Evan Lysacek? Heard about him on the local news last night, he was born in Chicago! And good Lord, you need to get a look at him, he is one fine looking skater if you know what I mean. When my Mom saw him getting ready to skate last night, and I quote, she said, "Now He's a MAN." Haha, I think we had got done watching a little bit of a more frou-frou skater compete and then Evan showed up! He skated awesome tonight in the short program, I was almost getting teared up watching him wait for his scores, he was actually starting to cry. He is in second place going into the full/long(?) program. I'm rooting for him!

What is it about the Olympics that brings on the tears?? I pretty much lost it last night when the married Chinese couple got the gold in pairs skating, what an awesome story.

And the most pathetic of my tears? This commercial. Pretty much gets me every time. I really like the Go World spots, but this was a whole new level.

I'm anticipating more tears in the next few weeks...happy Olympics watching :)

Picture of Evan by Matthew Stockman - Getty Images

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  1. I'm laughing out loud right now about what Mom said. Too funny!


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