February 19, 2010

For the chi town girls (& boys)

Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town...

Couple of Chi-Town related things -- I'll start with the food first. Restaurant Week starts today!! This week in February usually makes me want to book every lunch and dinner possible so I can get to taste as much food as I can! (wow, that sentence just made me sound obese) But thus far I've restrained myself and have just one thing planned, dinner at David Burke's Primehouse on Tuesday. I just looked at their special menu for RW and am so excited! I've been there before and it's always so good but this will be even better since it's only $32 dollars.

So the low-down on Restaurant Week, all sorts of really good places participate and offer a pre-fixe three course meal for $22 for lunch and $32 at dinner. It's only for a week though and sometimes places book up fast! You can go to the website for a complete listing of places and menus!

Second for the Chi-Town Girls (+ homeware loving boys?)...a really sweet giveaway over at the cute lil' blog Live Creating Yourself. I just discovered her blog and can tell it's going to be a good read :) Back to the goods, It's an awesome giveaway from West Elm -- just for people with a Chicago address(!!). Head on over there and leave a comment! Speaking of, haven't gone to their new store on North Ave, but am going to have to hit that up soon!


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  1. i almost missed the deadline for that giveaway!!


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