September 20, 2010

on wrigley field with dave matthews!

All I can say is, Best. Weekend. Ever.

Saturday night my friend and I had tickets to see Dave Matthews play at Wrigley Field. It was the very last show of his summer tour and wasn't even announced until July. We got tickets right on the field because we knew those would be the best seats for being close to Dave, and really, what else matters?! Without waiting in much of a line, we walked in right when doors opened to find ourselves on the field, about 20 ft from the stage. It was incredible! I can honestly say it was the best concert I have ever been to. And to be outside right on the baseball field was awesome. I took a few pictures...

Me and LB getting ready to head inside.

The set-up...

So excited for our spot on the field. I also completely forgot that being in a baseball field meant beer and wine sales during the concert. We had a few drinks to pass the time waiting for Dave! And made friends with everyone around us. Some of us made better friends than others. The friends may or may not have been cute 22 year olds. Hey, we're all friends at DMB concerts :)

"You all look so...delicious tonight" Love the stuff Dave says during concerts.

Love this one via flickr.

Hey, my love, you came to me like wine comes to this mouth
Grown tired of water all the time
You quench my heart and you quench my mind

{DMB, Two Step}

Sorry for the photo quality, I'm just pretending these are clear! Dave played until a little after 11 PM and we were loving it! It was supposed to rain all night and we didn't get a drop. Perfect night out. Here's a shot of the sold out crowd from the Tribune.

Definitely a night I will remember forever. And so happy I got to go with one of my best friends, Lauren.


  1. Thanks for sharing ~ it seems like you truly had a great time :)

  2. I'm still jealous that I wasn't able to go. Darn Ann's wedding for getting in the way! You & LB look cute.

  3. That looks like an awesome night all-around! I love making random friends with youngins while boozin'. I've never seen Dave but I would definitely like to!


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