September 1, 2010

Steal of the Week: 5 dollar Tees

Shopping at Target on Sunday I came across an awesome deal. Super soft, V-neck Tees for $5 bucks! I couldn't resist. Perfect for layering or even just hanging around the house because they are so darn soft and comfy. The sale price on these goes until Saturday.

I would also like to add that when I laid eyes on these tees, that was about the last time I felt good until today. I got the flu pretty bad and it started at Target, of all places! I do not know how I made it home from there, I was so dizzy and nauseous. So happy to be hydrated and feeling much better today. And back to exploring the blogosphere!

On the subject of Target, have any Chi-town readers been to the new Super Target on Broadway?! It is awesome. The mothership of all Targets in my mind. Before these lovely Target came along I always had to head pretty far west, which wasn't very quick since I live by the lake. Now, just head north on Broadway and enter Target Heaven.

Even the carts are nicer...


  1. I'm very jealous of your new Super Target. The one on 54th Street just doesn't even come close to comparing! Not sure about those carts though - they look kind of weird to me!

  2. I am sooo glad you posted this b/c I love shirts like this and I'm broke! :)

  3. SHUT UP! Is this the one that they just opened off Montrose?!?!?! I'm SO going there!!!


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