July 21, 2011

Favorite roofdecks in Chicago

Everything's better when you do it outside, isn't it? There's nothing I like more than sitting on a roof deck, overlooking the gorgeous skyline on a summer evening. Sipping a drink high above the streets always reminds me why I love this city. I put together my list of favorite alfresco roof decks to try in Chicago.

Let's start with The Terrace at Conrad. What I love the most about the Terrace is that it's unassuming. Very laid back and chill. Which is why it's great for drinks after work, any day of the week. They also show movies on Sunday nights, go here for the dates of showings. It's located on the fifth floor perched above Nordstrom and Rush Street. My cocktail of choice here is the Mango Bubbles because frankly, I can't resist a good cocktail with bubbly on top!

Via Conrad website

Above 4 pictures from big sister's camera
Next let's head up to the 26th floor at Vertigo Sky Lounge. This is another great spot for cocktails, a lot higher up than the Terrace and more happening for nights out, as opposed to just happy hour. Vertigo is a part of the Dana Hotel. Interesting to note, Vertigo is actually open year round! Yes, in the middle of December they have a fire going outside and you can put on one of the Dana hotel's bathrobes to stay warm and sip drinks! My drink of choice here is bubbly, but they have great specialty cocktails as well!

Via the Dana Hotel

And last but not least, C-View. I saved the highest for last, C-View is located on the 29th floor in the Affinia hotel. This is so high above the city streets you can forget about all the hustle and bustle going on below and just enjoy a drink and relax with awesome views of the skyline. They have a great drink list and serve food from the C-View restaurant. I haven't been here as often as the others, so no drink of choice, but whatever I had when I went was delicious!

Both via

My beautiful Mom!

If you live here or are just visiting, I hope you get a chance to check out one of the many roofdecks in the city! And more to come -- I'll be back later in the summer with Part II. We haven't even talked about one of my favorites, Trump yet!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Terrace @ Conrad
521 North Rush Street

Vertigo @ the Dana Hotel
Two West Erie Street

C-View @ Affinia Hotel
166 E Superior Street


  1. Love these suggestions! I'm so jealous that you live in Chicago, it's our favorite city. My husband and I always stay at The James...now we've got some great rooftop places to visit too!

  2. Great post Beege! You forgot to mention the seating change @ The Conrad, ha!

  3. I just moved to Chicago and will definitely be checking these out! Thanks for posting these!



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