July 14, 2011

Steal of the Week: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Some things are so good, they only happen once a year. It's that time again -- The Nordstrom Anniversary sale!! New Fall lines will be on sale starting tomorrow morning at 8 AM. I obviously couldn't wait until then, I've been hitting up the preview sale all week and wanted to share my favorite finds with you.

Let's start with accessories. There are awesome deals on Michael Kors watches. The three pictured below are featured, but there are also 4 or 5 other styles on sale. This is probably the only time you will find these watches marked down. There is a light and dark tortoise shell on sale and there are also a few DKNY watches that are more reasonably priced than the MK ones.

In this same department, my absolute favorite tights on our sale -- Spanx Tight End Tights, get it :) These are a wardrobe staple for me in the winter. Perfect opaque color and lots of slimming action happening up top. This year they added a new style, reversible! Hey, why not? I got a black/brown pair. Regularly $42 and something like $28 for the sale. Also, upstairs in the initmates department, the best Spanx basics are on sale -- the girl short shaper and the longer, high-waist shapers. Again -- wordrobe staples in my opinion. See food posts here and here if you're wondering why....

On to the shoes!! This is hands down the best time to buy Fall boots. We all know how expensive a good pair of leather boots can be, so I think it's best to scout out the sales. I purchased my first pair of Fryes at the anniversary sale a few years back, definitely a worthwhile investment! Here's a few boots I'm liking from this year's sale:

Tory Burch, even I can't rationalize myself into shelling out the money for these. But they are gorgeous aren't they?

Both of the below boots are a good deal. On the left is Steve Madden for around $130 and on the right is Nordstrom's brand BP, a great "steal" for tall leather boots at $109.90.

Last but not least, the jeans department has some decent sales. There are a couple of different Hudson's on sale, the Baby Boot and a skinny pair. They are both normally $170+ but on sale for around $115 I believe.

Let me know if you guys find any good deals -- Happy Shopping!


  1. Always the enabler. You should do a post of what you bought. I bought......Rebecca Minkoff morning after clutch, spanx tight end tights (obviously), including ones that are sheer in the front opaque in the back (verdict still out) a shruken houndstooth blazer, smashbox brushes, leopard wallet, leopard pointy toe flats, leopard scard (sensing a trend?), and some marc jacobs sunglasses. pretty ridiculous. if you need me i will be cutting up my credit cards

  2. What the heck? How did I miss that it's already Anniversary sale season??? Wow I must make it to the store stat!


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