July 29, 2011

My Summer Sun must-haves

I'm a little bit of a product freak...you should see my linen closet and bathroom drawers, too many products!! But, I have a lot of favorites for summer sun time that I thought you might like too. Here's my list of must-haves for beach time.

Clinique SPF Face Cream

My face can easily break out so I like to use an SPF formulated just for faces that is oil-free. I also like that this has a few added benefits that you don't always get with the drug store brands. Here's what Sephora says about this cream: Clinique's innovative SolarSmart™ complex triggers an anti-aging repair process while at once providing skin with a high level of defense from the aging and burning effects of UVA and UVB rays. The formulation also includes a boost of antioxidants to shield skin from environmental aggressors. 

My sister and I both have sensitive skin and this never irritates us. I also have a cream I use by Lancome but it doesn't seem to be available online anymore, bummer.

Floppy Hats
These are an obvious must-have! I have a big floppy hat from Gap, but here are a few others that I think are cute and definitely shield you from the sun. I used to have a straw cowboy hat in high school that I wore to the beach, so I added one to the mix. So cute.

Top left via, top right via, bottom left via, bottom right via.

SPF Spray Lotion
I don't know why this wasn't invented when I was a kid, so easy. I always bring a Target one with me to the beach or pool. Cheap and it works great.

Now, for after the sun I have a few things that never fail me...

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads
These just came out this year and I LOVE them. One little pad exfoliates your skin, gives it some antioxidants and leaves you with a great, natural looking glow. My face never seems to get that tan, especially with all the lotion I put on. This is a great way to give yourself a glow, minus the sun damage. Sephora and Nordstrom both sell these for around $32, but the best deal is really from Amazon, you can get a pack of 20 for only $26! And free shipping too.

Tree Hut Shea Body Butter
After a day at the beach I always slather on a really thick cream. This has been a favorite of mine since I got it for a birthday gift in January. It has the best beachy scent and really moisturizes great. Another bonus? The products are made right here in America and are all natural. Everything they make also uses certified organic shea. My favorite scent is Hawaiian Kukui.

Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils
I've been using this scrub from the Bath&Body Works Aromatherapy line since high school, it's good stuff. Right when I see the first signs of any peeling starting I use this. Not only does it exfoliate like nothing else, but it also has an oil base so your are super smooth and moisturized when you step out of the shower. They have a lot of good scents too, strong, but not quite as over powering as some of the other B&B Works products.

Vasoline Cocoa Butter Body Oil
More moisturizers! To me, Summer is all about keeping your skin nice and soft and of course the moisture helps to keep your tan around a little longer too. I like to put this on my legs right after showering or before a night out! The oil contains:
  • Brazilian nut oil - rich in essential nutrients known to boost skin's moisture barrier
  • Almond oil - naturally high in minerals and known antioxidants
It smells great too!

That's the list! What about you guys, are there any products you swear by for summer time that I should try?

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