April 4, 2013

Home Sweet Michigan

I'm officially a Michigan girl again! You might have read the update on my big sister's blog awhile back, but I wanted to make it official on here too. After 5+ years in Chicago, I had started to contemplate moving back to Michigan. Once my family started talking about building on Lake Michigan, I knew I wanted to be back here! I loved my time in Chicago and am thankful for all the good times and friends there, but it felt like the right time to move to Michigan.

I listed my condo on the market and it sold in 21 days!! That pushed my move date up quite a bit! My Realtor gave me a number of good tips for getting my house sale ready. I definitely think the updates I made and staging played a big part in how fast I sold, so I will have to do a blog post on it soon!
Moving day
I've been happy settling into Michigan so far, it's funny how quickly it felt like home again even though it was a complete 180 degree change. I went from hearing city sounds and ambulances every night to the sound of ducks quacking on the lake! Right now my sister and I are living on a little lake while we build the new house on Lake Michigan, we say we're in training for living on the "big lake"! It's so peaceful, I've slept like a baby every night since I've been home. And I'm definitely enjoying the view...

Luckily, the snow has finally melted and it's starting to feel like Spring around here now!

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  1. What a surprise to read this exciting news when I called by for a catch up here at last. You already know I believe life is an adventure so enjoy your new chapter. Thankyou so much for your kind words and continuing support on my own blog, so much appreciated.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. When I moved, I had a lot of extra stuff so I had to look for some Michigan storage centers to put all of that stuff in. I just moved to Lansing for a job, and I'm enjoying it here so far.


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