April 30, 2013

How to Create an Easy Spring Flower Planter

It's finally Spring in Michigan! Hopefully it is where you are too. I'm always so anxious to plant flowers after a long, cold Winter. I put together a simple planter on our front porch -- it's been so nice looking out and seeing pretty pinks and yellows!

I always get inspiration from the planters that are professionally done. I used to love taking pictures of them in Chicago. You can see the 2011 Spring Sidewalk Planters here if you're looking for good ideas or look here for 2010 inspiration!

To fill any kind of planter, whether for Spring, Summer or Fall, I loosely use a type of "formula". 
(1) You'll want large, "showy" base flowers that are the main flowers in the planter and add height to the back
(2) Fillers, usually less expensive than your large base flowers, these add nice color and are small enough to fill in the open areas
(3) Trailer, this will spill over the sides and fronts of your planter and add a nice effect
(4) Last, you might add some very tall branches or a spike plant for a nice visual effect

For this Spring planter, since I'm in Michigan I selected hardy plants that can handle a little chill. The larger plants are Ranunculus, I love these! And a pretty pink Primrose. When you are selecting a Ranunculus plant, be sure to get one with lots of fresh buds that haven't bloomed yet. What you see is what you get with these flowers, unlike a pansy, for instance, they will not grow any new blooms so you want a plant that has plenty of new flowers left.

I used a very typical Spring flower, Pansies for the fillers and a Vinca vine for the trailer. Ivy is a great hardy option as well. I usually set most of the flowers in the pot and space them out properly to see how the design will work first, then go back and fill in with the dirt and actually plant them.

Almost done!

Last, I added in a few branches just to add some height and visual interest. Mine look a little wild, but I kind of like it! I clipped these from our yard, but if you don't have branches in a yard, you could pick up some great looking fake branches at Michaels.

So happy flowers and warmer weather are finally here! Have you guys done any Spring planting?

 photo ALDsig_zpsf3ec04b2.jpg


  1. Nice post Beege! Thanks for sprucing up our front porch!

  2. I am in the process of making a shade loving planter for my back porch and I use the same formula as you! If only I can find some begonias that don't look sick then I will be in business.

  3. You made it look so easy, quite impressive. I would definitely love to try making this flower planter to make this spring special. Thanks for your tips.

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