December 3, 2009

Antipasto for the kids

We had an International potluck at work to raise money for a charity we are sponsoring this year. It's called Off the Street Club and its located in Garfield Park, which is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America. I've had a chance to meet the kids on a few different occasions, they are the sweetest kids. Today is the cumulation of a year of effort, the big luncheon is over at the Hilton today. This is the website we created to help raise money for the kids.

But back to the potluck, here is what I brought in. Yum! I wish that I would have made more caprese, it was all gone pretty quick! It was $10 for anyone at the agency to eat lunch, we ended up making over $1000 dollars for the kids.

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  1. Good job Beege! Looks like it turned out really well. The Caprese looks so good. . .almost as good as a caprese in Capri. . .


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