December 20, 2009

Blooms in December

It’s so nice having flowers in the house, especially on a really dreary day like today! I’ve never planted any paper white bulbs until this year. My Mom and Sister have always done them, so this time I decided to get in on the fun too!

They’re really easy to force inside, you just need a few containers and some small rocks. Paper whites need the rocks around them so the growing roots don’t cause it to uproot itself. The best containers for this have no drainage; you need the water to constantly stay around the bulbs. Fill the bottom of the pots with rocks, then set the bulbs in and also cover them about halfway with the rocks. If you do use a pot with drainage (I used one normal pot with a hole) then start with dirt on the bottom and once you get closer to the top add the pebbles.

Here are some pictures of them growing! One of the containers I used was a glass jar from mandarin oranges, I thought it was really cool. You could see the roots as they grew.

                         Blooming! They make my entire living room smell great.

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  1. Nice pictures of the paperwhites! I can almost smell them through the computer. . .Love that smell!


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