January 2, 2010

Here's to 2010

Happy New Year! Long time, no blog. I just got back today from a trip to Arizona and I was without my lapper for a good five days!! It's going to take hours to catch up on all the news in the blogsphere :) Can't wait to catch up on what everyone did over the holidays. I have tons to post on too! Sister took lots of great pictures, and I've got a few projects I want to put up. Andddd, it's my birthday tomorrow, Mama D is making me a favorite dinner and then I've got to get on the road to Chi-Town. Ugh, back to the real world Monday. Did I mention that I've had close to two weeks off from work?? Monday will be rough. Anyway, more tomorrow.

              It's about time I get a "real" camera, photo courtesy of sister.

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