January 6, 2010


This was my "big" project for Christmas and it turned out not to be so "big" at all. Don't get me wrong, I think it was a big hit, but it certainly wasn't as hard to do as I imagined. Never before have I melted chocolate and dipped something into it and then in a matter of weeks I made chocolate covered marshmallows and Oreo Balls! The holidays will do that to ya.

I originally was inspired by Darby to do the choc-covered 'mallows. She did some for Valentine's day and they were so cute! I made these and packaged them up for friends at work and neighbors. A little treat for the holidays. Here's the breakdown...

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

1 Package chocolate almond bark
1 package white chocolate almond bark (optional)
1 or more packages of full size marshmallows
Decorations! anything your little heart desires

I got all my supplies out, then melted the chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds or so. As soon as the melted chocolate came out, I got down to business. First I tried dipping the marshmallows in using toothpicks, eventually I just used my fingers. Right after they were dipped, I sprinkled on the toppings and gently set them on wax paper. The toothpick 'mallows were in a bowl covered in foil, resting on the top. It was actually really tricky to get the toothpicks in the foil and not have them topple over! That's why I ended up just going to the hand method.

I also did a few in just chocolate and when that was dried I (attempted) to "drizzle" the white chocolate over. I didn't really have the "drizzle" technique down. I more or less ended up just flinging the white chocolate around until it had landed on marshmallow, counter, wall and me. P.S. Can you imagine the nice close up shots I would have been able to get of these if only I had a real camera?!

I let the chocolate harden and got my packaging together. I had cellophane bags and I put a pack of cocoa in each one, then 2 or 3 marshmallows and tied with ribbon and added a gift tag. I went a little overboard on making the marshmallows, so I ended up with lots of extra. I put those in a container and brought them home for the holidays. Perfect for some Christmas Eve cocoa with the family.


  1. mmmmmmmm yummy!!!! i should have swung by to taste those while i was in chicago! i love treats that look fancy but are simple to make. i want to get snowed in tomorrow make THESE & drink hot chocolate...

  2. For not having a 'real' camera, I think your pictures turned out great! And the 'mallows were delish!


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